Claire B Jones was born in Glasgow, Scotland and moved to the USA in the mid 90’s. She has pursued an interest in the visual arts for all of her life but to support herself was forced to formally study and work in an unrelated field. Claire now works as a full-time artist.

After relocating from California to Washington State she studied Art and Design along with Experimental Stitch at the Gail Harker Creative Studies Center over a period of several years.

In the late 90s Claire started experimenting with fiber and stitch and found this medium resonated with her.  It is now her medium of choice. In recent times she has been working on pieces using techniques which enable her to combine machine stitch and sculptural forms. Her years in  research provided her with a background in systematic experimentation which enabled her to forge her own path and discover how to machine stitch on surfaces which are three dimensional. Claire is currently focusing on producing a new body of work using these techniques.